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Game Hunters Uganda

Home to enormous wildlife resources, Uganda was one of the most popular hunting destinations when hunting was closed three decades ago. Uganda has only fairly recently been opened up to hunting and boast species such as Nile buffalo, Nile bushbuck, waterbuck and dik dik.


Mark & Paula Haldane began Game Hunters Africa in 1986 and slowly built it up to become one of the best safari experiences available. Assisted by a great team, they have a remarkable 86% repeat clientele. Mark has guided hunting in all of the southern countries of Africa, and as far away as Canada, Romania and Australia. Highlights of his career have been a 47 inch buffalo, 80lb elephant, 18.5 inch bushbuck as well as the number 1 suni and red duiker with a hand gun.


Our hunting concession lies between the Bunyoro Escarpment and Lake Albert in the heart of the eastern Rift Valley. Open for hunting since 2008, the area offers some very unique species for those of you wishing to complete your trophy collection. Species available in plentiful numbers are Ugandan kob, olice baboon, Nile bushbuck, east African duiker, warthog and east African bush pig.

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Camps: comprise brick and thatch safari lodge situated on the banks of Lake Albert, overlooking the Blue Congo mountains. Each room has an ensuite bathroom and delicious traditional Ugandan cuisine is served.

Lake Albert Lodge: is situated on the banks of Lake Albert in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and was opened in 2006. The main lodge features a pool and thatched cabanas facing Lake Albert with magnificent views of the Blue Congo mountains to the west.

The lodge has been designed and furnished with nature in mind, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation in the African bush. Meals consist of fresh fruits and vegetables supplied by local farmers. With friendly staff and 'home away from home' atmosphere, visitors will find the services and accommodations exceptional.



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